Body practices

Body in medicine, psychology and culture

We are used to treat our body as something ordinary that is given to us by nature and, in general, does not require too much attention. Well, we exercise and eat healthy meals to keep the body feet. We decorate the body with nice clothes and treat it with quality cosmetics. But in general we do not want it to take too much of our attention.

Illness or injury make everyone suddenly to realize that body is the essential condition for the existence. Fundamental bodily needs determine patterns of our existence and behaviour. Body condition defines the boundaries of accessible movements, goals, thoughts and emotions. For example, healthy body adapts easily to the environment, has wide horizons for moving, thinking and feeling, stays open for new horizons and aspirations. Unhealthy body locks the mind within limited patterns of movements, thoughts and feelings.

State of the body determines the way we live, quality of our lives and the limits of our interests and capabilities. Paradoxically, this fact remains outside of our attention, and most of the time we think that the quality of our existence is determined by our capabilities and interests. But the limits of these capabilities and interests are determined by the body.

Such observations invite to ask what human body actually is, how does it limit our thoughts, feelings and dreams? What is the connection between the body and mind? Between the body and the disease? Is it possible to observe these connections? Is it possible to manage them and to what extent?

This blog contains materials about human body from different fields – medicine, psychology, philosophy, culture, religion. It contains articles on phenomenology of the human body, experiments, myths, practices and rituals which shed light on connection between the body, thoughts and feelings.

Currently most of the pages are in Russian only, but we are working to make them available in English too. Happy reading!